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Maintaining a Current Inventory

September 8, 2015 in Farmware Tip

Farmware Tip: Maintaining a current inventory of chemicals, commodities & fertilizers.

  1. Create a Storage Location (e.g. a shed).
  2. Input an up-to-date quantity of a chemical/commodity by performing a relevant Storage Activity (Stock Take, Buy or Transfer).
  3. When performing a Paddock or Livestock Activity that uses a consumable resource from Storage, make sure you select the relevant chemical/commodity/fertilizer AND its Storage Location. Farmware will calculate the total quantity used, and this will be deducted from your inventory. (This also applies to Activites that create a resource - the commodity will be automatically added to your inventory.)
  4. Go to Storage > Storage Location Summary to view current inventory levels
  5. Next time you find a special price on drench but you can't remember how much you have left, just bring up Farmware on your smartphone!

Storage Location Summary