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Editing spelling errors in Farmware

February 13, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Spelling errors happen - they just do. Perhaps you were a bit tired, or your finger slipped, or maybe predictive text got a bit carried away... But the good news is, you can fix your spelling errors in Farmware!

Spelling for core data such as mobs/paddocks/crops can be fixed by going to: Settings > General Setup

Spelling for list items, such as chemicals or pests, can be fixed in: Settings > List Setup

Paddock or Storage Activities can be edited easily. Find the required Activity, for example using Paddock Activity Summary. Expand the Activity details and click on the Edit link.

Livestock Activities are considered 'simple' if they do not change the mob structure/location. For example, Drench or Observe. Simple Livestock Activities can be edited as per instructions for Paddock or Storage Activities above.

Livestock Activities are considered 'complex' if they change the mob structure/location. For example, Move or Divide. You will be given a warning before attempting to save a complex Activity that it cannot be edited. (We are currently investigating methods to allow these to be edited.) In the meantime, errors can often be resolved by performing the opposite Activity, for example using a Combine to reverse a Divide. We are also able to provide personalised advice for paid subscribers.


Post written by... Jessica Beggs

Bulk Spray

November 14, 2015 in Farmware Tip

Bulk Spray is a new Paddock Activity that was added to the Farmware app earlier this year, here's an overview:

Bulk Spray is a great activity type for experienced Farmware users that need to record a number of chemical applications across a number of paddocks/crops all at once. It's much faster and can be particularly useful if you know the total amount of the chemicals that have been used, but need to apply a pro-rata rate to each paddock/crop based on its area.

For example, you may combine a pesticide, a herbicide and a fungicide into a combination to load into your aerial sprayer which applies the chemical mixture to 7 paddocks at a consistent rate. This could take a while to record in Farmware if you used the normal multi-spray form, but with Bulk Spray you can select the 7 paddocks and 3 chemicals first and have Farmware perform the calculations based on the total of each chemical that you used.

The main restriction in the Bulk Spray form is that you need to already have the Chemcals you are going to use entered into Farmware (this can be achieved via Settings > List Setup). If you wish to record spray targets (such as weeds) then these also need to have been entered before hand.


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How much memory will the Farmware app use on my smartphone?

November 13, 2015 in Farmware Tip

Farmware uses very little memory, in fact it's only a few megabytes. Even after a number of years usage, you can expect it to use well under 20MB of storage on your phone.

Farmware won't use up your download quota either - every time you sync your device it should use less than 0.5MB of data. So if you are syncing daily, that's around 15MB per device per month.

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Searching mob data

November 12, 2015 in Farmware Tip

To search through your data and display specific items relevant to an individual mob:

  1. Go to Livestock > Livestock Activity Search. Enter in a search keyword, e.g. “drench”. By default the date range is for the past 12 months, but this can be changed.
  2. All activities with the word “drench” are displayed.
  3. If required, filter results. For example with a mob name, to display only results for a particular mob.
  4. To keep a record of your search results, click on Options and choose Print or Export to CSV.

Click on the image below to view full-size.


You can also do a similar search to display information relevant to a particular paddock or crop.

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Adding multiple livestock activities at once

November 11, 2015 in Farmware Tip

You can record multiple activities for the same mob simultaneously. Click on the '+' under the activity selection box to add an additional activity.

(Note: this applies to "simple" activities such as feed, drench, shear, pregnancy test etc. Activities that change the structure/position of a mob are considered "complex" and must be done individually - move, divide, sell etc.)