Recruit Your Mates to Farmware

Farmware is going to give you a credit if you get someone to sign up! That’s right, for every person that you recruit into a paying subscriber we will credit you one month of your subscription! That means if you recruit 12 people... your whole year is free! And to top it off, we’ll give the new recruit a $10 credit too!

Here’s how it works…

Just send your friends an email and tell them to go to and sign up. When they register they will be able to enter your name in as a referrer. We’ll see this come in and as soon as they start paying, we’ll process your reward!

The Fine Print

  • A referral is generated when a new subscriber enters a name in the "The person or farm who referred you to Farmware" field on their registration form. Farmware will also accept referrals via email from the new subscriber after the registration process is completed - a new subscriber has 2 months from their 30 Day Trial, or 1 month from their first payment, to notify Farmware of their referral.
  • Once a referred subscriber has completed their cooling off period (4 days after the first payment has been made), the referrer will receive a credit to the value of one month of their subscription cost (based on their subscription value at the time the referral was made, up to a maximum of $77). The referred subscriber will receive a $10 credit at this time.
  • Referrers may receive multiple referral rewards for referring multiple new subscribers.
  • A subscriber may only nominate one person/farm as their referrer.
  • Multiple referral rewards for monthly subscription holders will be paid at the rate of one per month until completed.
  • Referral reward payments will be made to the account linked to your subscription.
  • Farmware must be satisfied that the referral is genuine.