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Terms and Conditions

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  • The Farmware application is NOT compatible with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera. We recommend the standard browsers on iPhone/iPad/Android devices, or for your laptop/PC use Chrome or Safari browsers.
  • The Farmware application has been tested on a variety of mobiles devices, but Farmware does not guarantee it will work on every device. Please see here for information on which devices should support the Farmware app.
  • New customers are eligible for a Free 30 Day Trial period. After the trial period expires, regular subscription payments will be automatically deducted from your nominated account at the interval you have requested (monthly or annual). If you cancel your subscription during the Free Trial period then no payments will be deducted.
  • Farmware support is provided via email. If you require assistance please contact us via our web form, or reply to any email we have sent to you.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time and membership will cease when the current paid period expires. Farmware also offers a cooling off period where you can obtain a full refund if you aren't happy with your purchase, please see our refund policy for further details.
  • Farmware will not modify the subscription cost during the first 12 months of a new subscription. After 12 months, Farmware reserves the right to modify the subscription cost at any time. You will receive advance email notification if your account is due to be affected by a price change.
  • Farmware must be used in accordance with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Farmware reserves the right to suspend your account at any time for non-compliance with the EULA, which may result in the termination of your account.