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Choosing a Combine Method

February 15, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Combining mobs together - there are a number of variations that can be achieved using the Farmware 'Combine' Activity:
* Combine mobs together
* Combine divisions of a single mob together
* Combine divisions of different mobs together
* Combine a division and a mob together (if they are the same mob, use Promote Division activity)

The flowchart explains the different options you can choose to achieve the desired result for your mob management scenario.

TIP: You must keep separate breeds in mob divisions of a mob.

TIP: This activity assumes that there has been a gate opened between paddocks, so if Mob 1 and Mob 2 were on different paddocks then the resulting mob at the end of this activity will be shown to exist on the sum of all paddocks that the original mobs or divisions were present on.
If this is going to create an inaccurate scenario then you should consider doing a Move activity either just before or just after the Combine activity.

... and don't worry if you forget this; it's all in your app in the Help screen 🙂



Post written by... Jessica Beggs

Help is here!

February 15, 2016 in Farmware Tip, Farmware Update

Our in-app Help function has now been released to all users, so you will find comprehensive help topics available for every page in the Farmware app (just click on the question mark found on the top right of your app).

And of course, all Farmware subscriptions also come with customised online support - if you have any questions that aren't answered in Help, just drop us an email. We love to hear from you 🙂


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Searching Paddock Activities

February 15, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Did you know that there are multiple Advanced Search Filters available on the Search Paddock Activities page? You can select one or more values from these lists within your Farmware app:

  • Paddock name
  • Crop
  • Activity category/name
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Commodity
  • Operator

(In addition to choosing a date range and general text search)

This means you can be very specific about the information you wish to see - for example, to only display Paddock Activities on the "back paddock" that "John Smith" was in charge of. Or maybe to display all "cultivation" activities involving "carrots".

Find this search page here: Paddocks > Search Paddock Activities



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Do you ever get “farming deja vu”?

February 14, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Didn't I only JUST do that???

You can save time entering details of frequently performed activities in Farmware by creating a set of Planned Activities. For example: next time you create a Paddock Activity to apply fertilizer, scroll to the bottom and click on 'Future Activities'. You can create one or more Activities planned for future dates, and the details you entered today will be remembered for next time (and you can edit them later if required).

You can find Planned Activities on your Planner, or in the relevant module (for example, Paddocks > Planned Paddock Activity Summary). Once you have finished a Planned Activity, you simply edit and set the status to Complete.


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Editing spelling errors in Farmware

February 13, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Spelling errors happen - they just do. Perhaps you were a bit tired, or your finger slipped, or maybe predictive text got a bit carried away... But the good news is, you can fix your spelling errors in Farmware!

Spelling for core data such as mobs/paddocks/crops can be fixed by going to: Settings > General Setup

Spelling for list items, such as chemicals or pests, can be fixed in: Settings > List Setup

Paddock or Storage Activities can be edited easily. Find the required Activity, for example using Paddock Activity Summary. Expand the Activity details and click on the Edit link.

Livestock Activities are considered 'simple' if they do not change the mob structure/location. For example, Drench or Observe. Simple Livestock Activities can be edited as per instructions for Paddock or Storage Activities above.

Livestock Activities are considered 'complex' if they change the mob structure/location. For example, Move or Divide. You will be given a warning before attempting to save a complex Activity that it cannot be edited. (We are currently investigating methods to allow these to be edited.) In the meantime, errors can often be resolved by performing the opposite Activity, for example using a Combine to reverse a Divide. We are also able to provide personalised advice for paid subscribers.