Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does Farmware support?

Farmware works on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Blackberry devices (running Blackberry 7 or above), and PCs/laptops/Macs running the Google Chrome or Safari  web browser. You can either download Farmware from an app store, or access it by loading your personal website address (eg. from any of the supported devices.
(Note: Farmware will not run on Windows 7 and 8 phones, or Windows RT Tablets. You cannot run Farmware using the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.)
More details available here.

What if I don’t have mobile coverage on my Farm?

You can still use Farmware. Once you've loaded Farmware for the first time it works on your device without always needing a connection.  You can download Farmware when your phone can access the internet, for example with a Wi-Fi connection in your home.

Can I try Farmware before I purchase a subscription?

You can "try before you buy" – all new customers are eligible for a 30 Day Free Trial when they register for a Farmware Subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time – if you decide Farmware is not the right tool for your farm, simply cancel before the end of the Free Trial period and you won't pay a cent.
Alternatively, you can download our free app from Google Play or the App Store. Please note the free app does have some limitations. For more information click here.

What makes Farmware different to the cheap apps you see on the App Store and Play?

Farmware provides a professional and efficient business tool for the world's Farmers and needs to be maintained at the highest level. On top of this  we are providing more than a simple app. We are providing a cloud service, online support, and free upgrades. Farmware is a multiple device, multiple user service, and we have features that none of our competitors currently offer.

Why is cloud storage useful to farmers?

It provides an offsite backup, should something happen to their phone. It allows viewing data on multiple devices and allows multiple users to access and modify data for the same farm.

Will my data be safe in the cloud?

Yes. Your data is your data and will not be shared with anyone.

Why is Farmware loading slowly?

When you first access your Farmware app it will take several seconds to load – this is because two things are happening:
1. your Farmware database is being generated
2. the app is being cached so it will run faster next time, and still work if you go out of internet range
After the initial load time your Farmware app should not run slowly, except for when you sync to the cloud which will take up to a minute.

Can I modify my subscription for more/less devices?

Yes you certainly can, please contact us with your request.

What type of farming businesses is Farmware best suited to?

Farmware has Livestock, Cropping and Storage components in one package. It is suitable for almost all livestock, crop types and production systems.

Why was Farmware created?

Farmware was created because the CEO, James McShane, is a farmer and needed a tool to  keep his farm records on. "A farm management application needs to accurately represent the situation on the ground. If it can't handle one mob on two paddocks, it's useless. If you can't have more than one age group or sex in a mob it's useless."

A farm management application needs to be as dynamic as the farm and the farmer. Farmware is.