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November 14, 2013 in Farmware Update

Farmware is extremely pleased to inform you that the app is now officially available to purchase!

If you'd like to give it a try for yourself, we have a demo version and a free trial available over here. We are constantly making improvements, and as always are keen to hear your thoughts. We hope you like what you see!

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Highly anticipated farm app still on the way

January 29, 2013 in Farmware Update

The Farmware team has been toiling away with programming. We've made a number of development decisions that have forced us to revise our launch date a number of times but this simply means that Farmware will be even better when its finally released.

These decisions will make the application look a lot sharper, will behave in a more logical fashion and will be easier to use. We are also redesigning some livestock activities to make them even more conducive to field operation and downstream reporting.

We've had a lot of questions lately regarding integration with other programs. At this stage we are not planning any integrations. Farmware has always intended the application to establish its own foundations as a farm app that suits large and small, simple and diverse farming systems at ground level. To do this properly we believe we need to keep the program free of influence from methodologies and frameworks inherent in other applications. As well as this we are avoiding the integration of a financial component. There are many good financial software packages out there but really good farm management applications for mobile devices are thin on the ground, especially in livestock management. So this need must be fulfilled first.

In the mean time, please sign up to our website and check our facebook page from time to time. If you have any thoughts, please use our forum or send us an email.






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Another Successful Planning session

April 9, 2012 in Farmware Update

Today Tim and James met to discuss the next four weeks of intensive development of Farmware. Our testers will soon be presented with the next fantastic version of the application which has some great updates and fixes including a theme update, an activities editor, a mob count update option and some essential fixes.

So far the testers have enjoyed getting to know Farmware by putting it to the ultimate test, their own farming operations. We are happy to welcome our two new testers from our recent call out and there is room for more so if you want to get involved in the development of one of the best farm management apps to hit the market, here is your chance. Send us an email at to register your interest as a Farmware Tester!

So the next big development on the horizon is the stocking rate calculator, ever wanted to know any of your stocking rates at the push of the button? You’ll be able to by the time we’re done!

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Call for More Testers!

April 2, 2012 in Farmware Update

Farmware is looking for more Beta Testers!  Have you ever wished you could just make your own farm management application because the ones on the market don’t do what you want, or are too expensive? Well now you have that opportunity! You could be selected to be part of a team that helps shape Farmware into a product that you want to use!

Send a brief message to and tell us what you do, what you want in a farm management application and why you would be a good tester!

Active beta testers will be rewarded with a Farmware subscription up to the value of $700

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Testing well under way

April 2, 2012 in Farmware Update

Farmware has been Beta testing now for a few weeks and its going great! Our testers are out there on their farms giving Farmware a go and reporting back to us with ideas, thoughts and fixes which have helped shape the future direction of the application. As the creators of Farmware, it’s easy for us to be enthusiastic about its progress but our testers are genuinely finding great value in its abilities as a livestock database. Of course Farmware will soon be so much more than just a livestock database but for now we are pouring a lot of energy into making the livestock database the best in the market place, designed by a farmer, for farmers.

The Farmware Cloud Service is also fully operational which means when you subscribe to Farmware you will have a backup for your data as well as the ability to easily synchronise your data with multiple devises and have multiple users if you wish. The common fate of mobile phones on farms to drowning… out of the top pocket and into the trough! If this happens you don’t lose your data, you buy a new phone, log into Farmware and away you go again! Of course one must devise a way to minimise incidents of phone drowning on Farms and it may just be that Farmware has a solution… find out in May!