Post written by... Jessica Beggs

Farmware Upgrade (Evandale Release)

November 11, 2015 in Farmware Update

Release notes from the latest Farmware upgrade, available to all users now:

New Features

  • CSV/Excel export (from PC or Android) is now also available from:
    • Livestock Summary
    • Paddock Summary
    • Storage Location Summary
    • Crop Summary
    • Diary
  • In-app Help: There is now a help button in the top right corner of the app. Tapping it will give you help information that is specific to the page that you are on
  • Bulk Spray activities have a new edit form which makes editing as easy as creating a new one


  • Most of the menus now load slightly faster
  • Ground Cover and Pasture Quantity activities will now automatically use the grazing area of the paddock you select. You can still edit it manually to be whatever area you want
  • Home and Back buttons are now both on the top left side of the screen

Bug Fixes

  • You are no longer able to record a Livestock Activity without a Mob. This includes planned activities.
  • The paddock summary sometimes showed a Mob as being Mixed generation when it wasn't. This has been fixed.
  • If the only activity for a storage location was an Internal Transfer then the chemical/commodity wouldn't show up on the summary screen for that storage location. This been fixed.
  • It was previously not possible to Finish a Crop during a Bulk Spray. Now it is.

Post written by... James McShane

Farmware Upgrade (Deloraine release)

July 17, 2015 in Farmware Update

New Features

-       New Paddock Activity ‘Bulk Spray’ for applying a large number of chemicals to a large number of paddocks at once. Find it under the 'Application' category.

-      CSV/Excel Export on Activity Summary pages (Android and PC only)

-      3 New Paddock Activities: Bed Forming / Renovating, Power Harrowing, Cultivator

-      'Days Ago’ display in Activity Summaries



-       Planner day summary now shows Operator if specified

-       Prices on Storage Item Buy and Sell Activities are no longer compulsory

-       Allocating the sexes of missing stock during an activity now shows the total remaining to be allocated.

-       Completed activities can’t be forward dated and Planned activities can’t be back dated.

-       Crop Summary screen now shows the total area of all active crops on your farm.

-       The Paddock Activity Search screen will now correctly filter activities with multiple entries to show just the parts of the activity that meet the search criteria.


Bug Fixes

-       Move Activity Tickbox Fix

-       Improved Sync Speed

-       Search Paddock Activities used to load quite slowly. This has been sped up.

-       Changes to Mob numbers from a Livestock Sell Activity didn’t used to sync. They now do.

-       The automatic total calculation on the Add / Edit Paddock Activity screens is now more reliable.

Post written by... James McShane

Farmware Upgrade (Campania release)

September 30, 2014 in Farmware Update

Here are the detailed release notes for the latest version of Farmware. We've had a few stability issues to work with over the last 6 weeks but we've also managed to squeeze in a  few feature upgrades which are pretty exciting!



  • A new menu has been added under ‘Settings’ named ‘Stocking Rate Setup’. This allows you to edit the default DSE values used by the Stocking Rate report. Note that these settings do not sync to the cloud or between devices.
  • A new Paddock Activity is available under the 'Application' category called 'Multi-Spray'.  The Multi-Spray activity allows you to record herbicide, pesticide and fungicide applications all within the one activity.
  • An “Options” button has been added to all summary screens. It allows you to quickly ‘Expand’ or ‘Collapse’ all of the summary information and also allows you to ‘Print’ them on supported devices. We’re excited about a couple of features that will be added to this list in the future.



  • Mob Notes now appear with mobs details in the ‘Livestock Summary’ and ‘Paddock Summary’ screens.
  • Improved ‘Paddock Activity Summary’ for complex activities (for example, where many chemicals are used at once on one crop or paddock).
  • Any time that you need to select a paddock you can now see the total area of the paddock in brackets
  • The ‘Add Paddock’ and ‘Add Crop’ screens have been streamlined by automatically entering some default values. The Unit selection was moved to below Total Area.
  • When you add a new paddock a suggested paddock abbreviation is now automatically generated based on the paddock name. Also, the grazable and arable area are assumed to be the same as the total area, but they can still be modified if needed.
  • ‘Paddock Activity Summary’ and ‘Paddock Activity Search’ now load a maximum of 100 entries at a time (to speed up loading times).
  • When you go back to the month view in the ‘Calendar’ (from the day view) you see the month you were last looking at.
  • In ‘Add Paddock Activity’, the new crop unit selection has been moved to be under crop area. Also the “Area of Crop that can be Grazed” and “Area that is still Arable for other crops” are set to 0 by default.



  • Updated the crop planting activity so that you can edit and delete your crops by editing the activity that created them.
  • Removed excess edit button(s) from Paddock Activity Summary details.
  • The Unit setup screen was broken but can now be accessed again.
  • The Crop Activity Summary screen was broken but can now be accessed again.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the date on a Paddock Activity meant that the paddocks for the activity weren’t saved properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the name generator where the sex of the mob was not being used to create a suggested mob name.
  • New chemicals created as part of adding a new paddock activity now have ‘used in paddock activities’ ticked by default.
  • When recording a new crop planting activity, the crop status is automatically set to ‘Active’
  • The degrees symbol was not showing correctly on some devices. This has been fixed.
  • The Mob Notes in some livestock activities were not being displayed anywhere. Now they are on the livestock summary as well as the Livestock Activity Summary.

Post written by... Jessica Beggs

New Farmware version released – July 2014

August 1, 2014 in Farmware Update

A new version of the Farmware app has just been released to users - the app will automatically upgrade to the latest version. The July 2014 Update contains some stability improvements and a range of new features:

  • Added Paddock Activity Search – You now have much more control over the searching of paddock activities. You can search within a date range, by key word, as well as filtering by paddock, crop, operator or activity.
  • Improved Cloud Sync stability, including fixing a bug that prevented entries with slashes from synchronising.
  • Updated Crop Summary to correctly show paddock details when a crop is on more than one paddock.
  • Modified Livestock Feed activity so that you can record the amount fed in bales.
  • Changed the units recorded against Pasture Planting/Sowing so they make more sense.
  • Fixed bug in Add Mob screen where you could create a new breed without selecting a species.
  • Fixed a bug in Stocking Rate graph that made it break with more complex farms.
  • You can now use Mob Activity History and Livestock Activity Search whilst offline.

Post written by... James McShane

Farmware YouTube Channel

January 5, 2014 in Farmware Update

Farmware has a YouTube Channel and our small collection of videos is growing!

Subscribing to the farmware YouTube channel means you will see all of the current a future videos which will help you with the Farmware App

Check it out here: