Farmware is an app for smartphones to manage and record your farm data.

Built by farmers for farmers. Scroll down to see our features.

Gone are the days of carrying a notebook and pencil around the farm...

... only to come home and re-enter the data all over again. Farmware eliminates the need for double entries, and allows you to have all of your farm data on hand at any time of the day.

Farmware is an activities based application

You enter activities for livestock, paddocks and storage. By recording activities you can:

  • Keep track of mobs and numbers
  • Maintain animal treatment records
  • Maintain records of multiple livestock types
  • Analyse livestock performance including stocking rate analysis
  • Record grazing on any paddock combination
  • Maintain paddock usage records
  • Maintain paddock/crop treatments
  • Analyse paddock and crop performances
  • Maintain basic storage inventories

Never lose your valuable data in the water trough with our Cloud data service

Farmware backs up all of your data to a cloud service so your synchronised Farmware records are always safe. The cloud service also means you can use the same farm data on multiple devices and by multiple users if you wish.

No service? No problem!

Even though Farmware is a web application, it works offline. So let's say you have no mobile service anywhere on your farm... you can still use Farmware to keep all your farm records and generate reports!
What you will need is wireless internet at home, which is easy to achieve.

Personalised Support

All Farmware subscriptions include personalised technical support, in addition to our comprehensive in-app Help.

We're here to help you get the most out of your Farmware app!

What are our users saying about Farmware?

"I have been using Farmware and have found it really great... so easy to navigate and use, its now much easier to manage my mob records"
- David Caslick, NSW Australia

"Farmware looks good and works very well... found it easy to work out how to operate it and has great detail... no more running to spray shed to see what we have"
- Andrew Skirving, TAS Australia

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