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Farmware Upgrade (Interlaken Release)

October 25, 2017 in Farmware Update

Release notes from the latest Farmware upgrade, available to all users now:


New Features

  • Style Update:
    The look of Farmware has been dramatically updated and modernised. However, we have managed to maintain a very similar work flow for all processes within the app so existing users will not have to re-learn how to use Farmware. We have updated some of the code libraries we use, which also leads to better performance and consistency.
  • Bulk Testing/Monitoring:
    You can now record testing and monitoring data such as crop count, pasture quantity or pasture composition in bulk, making the process much easier and faster to complete.


  • Previously if two different units of the same type (eg. litres and millilitres) were recorded against a chemical or commodity then this could confuse the inventory calculator and make the inventory numbers invalid. This has been fixed and units are now converted behind the scenes to the default unit of the chemical or commodity.
  • If a chemical or commodity usage is recorded with an incompatible type of unit (eg. kilograms vs litres) then the user is warned of this in the storage location summary
  • Export to CSV is now available on the Planned Activity pages
  • The default filename for exporting to CSV is more meaningful and includes a date
  • When performing a head count during a livestock activity, any missing / dead are automatically recorded if the mob only as one sex
  • Added Fuel as a commodity type, allowing you to record the usage of petrol and diesel
  • Added a load limit to the Storage Activity Summary to mitigate long loading times
  • Volume per area (e.g. L/Ha) has been added as an option when recording water rate against a paddock activity.

Bug Fixes

  • Not all fields are mandatory for soil testing
  • Commodity storage location now shows when editing a livestock activity
  • Removed the option of exporting data from the Android app (use desktop for export).
  • Fixed bug where close button takes user back a page
  • When using 'Delete All Data' the internal stocking rate table is no longer removed
  • Fixed bug when trying to merge mobs of two different breeds
  • General speed improvement for large data sets
  • When 'Load next 100' is pressed whilst a filter is being applied the filter is now maintained