Post written by... Jessica Beggs

Farmware Tip: Head Count

September 1, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Many livestock activities allow you to change the Head Count value. There are two reasons you might wish to do this:
1. the activity wan't performed on the whole mob, or
2. the head count of the mob has changed

Example 1. You might have a dairy herd and at milking time find a cow with mastitis. You give her an antiobiotic shot, recording this in Farmware [Add Livestock Activity > Treatment/Provision > Antibiotics], but change the Head Count to 1 and record her tag number in the Notes field.

Example 2. Crutching or dagging sheep - only 200 might need dagging out of a mob of 500 say before you sell them, so you change the Head Count to 200 for that activity.