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Editing spelling errors in Farmware

February 13, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Spelling errors happen - they just do. Perhaps you were a bit tired, or your finger slipped, or maybe predictive text got a bit carried away... But the good news is, you can fix your spelling errors in Farmware!

Spelling for core data such as mobs/paddocks/crops can be fixed by going to: Settings > General Setup

Spelling for list items, such as chemicals or pests, can be fixed in: Settings > List Setup

Paddock or Storage Activities can be edited easily. Find the required Activity, for example using Paddock Activity Summary. Expand the Activity details and click on the Edit link.

Livestock Activities are considered 'simple' if they do not change the mob structure/location. For example, Drench or Observe. Simple Livestock Activities can be edited as per instructions for Paddock or Storage Activities above.

Livestock Activities are considered 'complex' if they change the mob structure/location. For example, Move or Divide. You will be given a warning before attempting to save a complex Activity that it cannot be edited. (We are currently investigating methods to allow these to be edited.) In the meantime, errors can often be resolved by performing the opposite Activity, for example using a Combine to reverse a Divide. We are also able to provide personalised advice for paid subscribers.