Post written by... Jessica Beggs

Choosing a Combine Method

February 15, 2016 in Farmware Tip

Combining mobs together - there are a number of variations that can be achieved using the Farmware 'Combine' Activity:
* Combine mobs together
* Combine divisions of a single mob together
* Combine divisions of different mobs together
* Combine a division and a mob together (if they are the same mob, use Promote Division activity)

The flowchart explains the different options you can choose to achieve the desired result for your mob management scenario.

TIP: You must keep separate breeds in mob divisions of a mob.

TIP: This activity assumes that there has been a gate opened between paddocks, so if Mob 1 and Mob 2 were on different paddocks then the resulting mob at the end of this activity will be shown to exist on the sum of all paddocks that the original mobs or divisions were present on.
If this is going to create an inaccurate scenario then you should consider doing a Move activity either just before or just after the Combine activity.

... and don't worry if you forget this; it's all in your app in the Help screen 🙂