Post written by... Jessica Beggs

Farmware Upgrade (Evandale Release)

November 11, 2015 in Farmware Update

Release notes from the latest Farmware upgrade, available to all users now:

New Features

  • CSV/Excel export (from PC or Android) is now also available from:
    • Livestock Summary
    • Paddock Summary
    • Storage Location Summary
    • Crop Summary
    • Diary
  • In-app Help: There is now a help button in the top right corner of the app. Tapping it will give you help information that is specific to the page that you are on
  • Bulk Spray activities have a new edit form which makes editing as easy as creating a new one


  • Most of the menus now load slightly faster
  • Ground Cover and Pasture Quantity activities will now automatically use the grazing area of the paddock you select. You can still edit it manually to be whatever area you want
  • Home and Back buttons are now both on the top left side of the screen

Bug Fixes

  • You are no longer able to record a Livestock Activity without a Mob. This includes planned activities.
  • The paddock summary sometimes showed a Mob as being Mixed generation when it wasn't. This has been fixed.
  • If the only activity for a storage location was an Internal Transfer then the chemical/commodity wouldn't show up on the summary screen for that storage location. This been fixed.
  • It was previously not possible to Finish a Crop during a Bulk Spray. Now it is.