Post written by... James McShane

Farmware Upgrade (Deloraine release)

July 17, 2015 in Farmware Update

New Features

-       New Paddock Activity ‘Bulk Spray’ for applying a large number of chemicals to a large number of paddocks at once. Find it under the 'Application' category.

-      CSV/Excel Export on Activity Summary pages (Android and PC only)

-      3 New Paddock Activities: Bed Forming / Renovating, Power Harrowing, Cultivator

-      'Days Ago’ display in Activity Summaries



-       Planner day summary now shows Operator if specified

-       Prices on Storage Item Buy and Sell Activities are no longer compulsory

-       Allocating the sexes of missing stock during an activity now shows the total remaining to be allocated.

-       Completed activities can’t be forward dated and Planned activities can’t be back dated.

-       Crop Summary screen now shows the total area of all active crops on your farm.

-       The Paddock Activity Search screen will now correctly filter activities with multiple entries to show just the parts of the activity that meet the search criteria.


Bug Fixes

-       Move Activity Tickbox Fix

-       Improved Sync Speed

-       Search Paddock Activities used to load quite slowly. This has been sped up.

-       Changes to Mob numbers from a Livestock Sell Activity didn’t used to sync. They now do.

-       The automatic total calculation on the Add / Edit Paddock Activity screens is now more reliable.