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Export to .CSV from Farmware

July 17, 2015 in Farmware Tip

Great News! We now have an export to .CSV feature in Farmware so you can export your activities, including all data, for livestock and paddocks to an excel spreadsheet. THe business that championed this feature uses this exported data in their gross margin analysis for their cropping enterprise. They export the activities in a certain date range and filter by other desired parameters then export into excel where they copy it straight into their GM spreadsheet and each activity type has a costing, so its quick and easy.

In the case I'm about to show you, I've done a very simple feed wedge for some of my paddocks and exported when I synced the data on my PC.

Firstly I did a series of Feed on Offer measurements with a ruler.


Thank you to for the pic, great site, you should check it out!

Then I entered the measurements into Farmware using the Pasture Quantity Activity found in Testing/Measurement of Paddocks.

Add Pasture Quantity

Next I went to Search Paddock Activities and searched for "Quantity" and narrowed the date range to when I did the activity.

Export FOO

Then I went to Options and Export to .CSV (I did this on the PC and using Chrome the file pops up down the bottom of the screen, but it will be in your Downloads folder too. If you're on Android you can email this download to yourself or share it to Dropbox or whatever cloud service you use)

Then I opened the file in Excel and tidied it up a bit then inserted a chart... it looks like this.... simple as!

Feed Wedge