Post written by... James McShane

Farmware Upgrade (Campania release)

September 30, 2014 in Farmware Update

Here are the detailed release notes for the latest version of Farmware. We've had a few stability issues to work with over the last 6 weeks but we've also managed to squeeze in a  few feature upgrades which are pretty exciting!



  • A new menu has been added under ‘Settings’ named ‘Stocking Rate Setup’. This allows you to edit the default DSE values used by the Stocking Rate report. Note that these settings do not sync to the cloud or between devices.
  • A new Paddock Activity is available under the 'Application' category called 'Multi-Spray'.  The Multi-Spray activity allows you to record herbicide, pesticide and fungicide applications all within the one activity.
  • An “Options” button has been added to all summary screens. It allows you to quickly ‘Expand’ or ‘Collapse’ all of the summary information and also allows you to ‘Print’ them on supported devices. We’re excited about a couple of features that will be added to this list in the future.



  • Mob Notes now appear with mobs details in the ‘Livestock Summary’ and ‘Paddock Summary’ screens.
  • Improved ‘Paddock Activity Summary’ for complex activities (for example, where many chemicals are used at once on one crop or paddock).
  • Any time that you need to select a paddock you can now see the total area of the paddock in brackets
  • The ‘Add Paddock’ and ‘Add Crop’ screens have been streamlined by automatically entering some default values. The Unit selection was moved to below Total Area.
  • When you add a new paddock a suggested paddock abbreviation is now automatically generated based on the paddock name. Also, the grazable and arable area are assumed to be the same as the total area, but they can still be modified if needed.
  • ‘Paddock Activity Summary’ and ‘Paddock Activity Search’ now load a maximum of 100 entries at a time (to speed up loading times).
  • When you go back to the month view in the ‘Calendar’ (from the day view) you see the month you were last looking at.
  • In ‘Add Paddock Activity’, the new crop unit selection has been moved to be under crop area. Also the “Area of Crop that can be Grazed” and “Area that is still Arable for other crops” are set to 0 by default.



  • Updated the crop planting activity so that you can edit and delete your crops by editing the activity that created them.
  • Removed excess edit button(s) from Paddock Activity Summary details.
  • The Unit setup screen was broken but can now be accessed again.
  • The Crop Activity Summary screen was broken but can now be accessed again.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the date on a Paddock Activity meant that the paddocks for the activity weren’t saved properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the name generator where the sex of the mob was not being used to create a suggested mob name.
  • New chemicals created as part of adding a new paddock activity now have ‘used in paddock activities’ ticked by default.
  • When recording a new crop planting activity, the crop status is automatically set to ‘Active’
  • The degrees symbol was not showing correctly on some devices. This has been fixed.
  • The Mob Notes in some livestock activities were not being displayed anywhere. Now they are on the livestock summary as well as the Livestock Activity Summary.