Post written by... Jessica Beggs

New Farmware version released – July 2014

August 1, 2014 in Farmware Update

A new version of the Farmware app has just been released to users - the app will automatically upgrade to the latest version. The July 2014 Update contains some stability improvements and a range of new features:

  • Added Paddock Activity Search – You now have much more control over the searching of paddock activities. You can search within a date range, by key word, as well as filtering by paddock, crop, operator or activity.
  • Improved Cloud Sync stability, including fixing a bug that prevented entries with slashes from synchronising.
  • Updated Crop Summary to correctly show paddock details when a crop is on more than one paddock.
  • Modified Livestock Feed activity so that you can record the amount fed in bales.
  • Changed the units recorded against Pasture Planting/Sowing so they make more sense.
  • Fixed bug in Add Mob screen where you could create a new breed without selecting a species.
  • Fixed a bug in Stocking Rate graph that made it break with more complex farms.
  • You can now use Mob Activity History and Livestock Activity Search whilst offline.