What devices can I use Farmware on?


Devices that are compatible with Farmware include:
• iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
• Android smartphones and tablets
• Blackberry devices (running Blackberry 7 or above)
• Most Windows and Mac desktop computers/laptops

Devices that won't work
• Windows 7 and 8 phones
• Windows RT tablets

If you want to confirm that your device will work with Farmware, you can register for a Free 30 Day Trial or contact us.

Web Browsers

You will need to use a supported web browser to access Farmware. We recommend these browsers:
• Google Chrome
• Safari
• Blackberry Touch

These browsers will not work:
• Internet Explorer
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera

Why aren't all web browsers/devices supported?

One of the key features of Farmware is its ability to run offline, i.e. when the user does not have a stable internet connection - a common scenario for remote farming locations. If a web browser cannot support Farmware's offline functionality, then Farmware cannot run properly.

Typically, devices that can't run Farmware are those that do not allow the user to use a supported web browser.